Turn off Microsoft Office Updates the easy way

If you have turned on Updates for Microsoft Office 2010/2013 and you decide later that you want to stop it, 

  • Goto Control Panel -> Windows Update, then click on ‘Change Settings’ on the left pane
  • Now uncheck ‘Give me updates for Microsoft products and check for new optional Microsoft software when I update Windows’ option and press ‘OK’

Simple and easy isn’t it?


Everything is the fastest freeware Search Utility for Windows

I was so surprised when i first used this program. It is so fast and I got the search results in less than a second. Seriously not kidding. I can say this is the best search utility i ever seen. We usually do a search (by using Win-key+F or by typing in the search box available in the Explorer window) and we wait patiently for the search progress to complete. I always get irritated by this. Of course ‘Indexing’ makes Windows search faster. But this tool is a launch on startup and close on exit type. The name is ‘Everything’ & is available as a installer and also on portable version. It indexes 1,000,000 files in a minute. So fast right?

Features as mentioned in the site :

  • Simple & Cleaner UI
  • Quick file indexing & searching
  • Minimal Resource Usage
  • Search results appear as we type
  • Supports only NFTS
  • Only Indexes local & removable drives. However on a networked pc, indexing is possible via ‘ETP Server’ option.
  • Exportable search results (.txt format only)

Download Link: http://www.voidtools.com/

I suggest you to definitely try this program and i ll be happy to see your responses below.

Undo Diskpart Clean – Recover lost disk or partition in Windows 7

I accidentally cleaned my partition which had all of my data when i tried to use the diskpart clean command. The reason for me using it, is that i wanted to remove 200mb boot partition. I searched through a lot of sites and most of sites mentioned partition recovery softwares both free and paid. Thanks to this post i was able to recover the partition without any data loss. Here is what i did (this procedure is for diskpart ‘clean’ command only)

1. Type ‘diskmgmt.msc‘ to have a view of the active and lost partition
2. Note the partition size and open the command prompt as admin. Enter ‘diskpart‘ to get into diskpart tool.
3. Now enter ‘list disk‘ to see the disks active and type ‘select disk 0‘ (0 was assigned for my entire hdd)
4. If you have used ‘clean‘ command here before, type ‘assign letter=D‘ (D is the example drive name) & surprise your drive will be alive without any data loss.
5. In-case like me you have used ‘clean‘ command for a specific partition, you have to type ‘list partition‘ to see the available partition n select that partition using ‘select partition 3‘ (3 is the example #). Now type ‘assign letter=D‘ and you will get your partition back.
6. Type ‘exit‘ to leave diskpart.


How to Install Ubuntu 12.04 on Windows – the easy way

The good thing about Ubuntu Operating System is that it supports easy installation for Windows users. However on recent versions, install from cd or image file within Windows is disabled. You have to boot it from cd & choose the option ‘Install within Windows’, then proceed with installing it in unpartitioned space. Not simple right? Here is a simple trick that makes you install Ubuntu within Windows..

  • Insert your cd or mount the downloaded image file of Ubuntu v12.04
  • Now open command prompt window and switch to the drive’s(where Ubuntu is located) path using ‘cd’ command.
    For eg.: cd E:
  • Then type E:\wubi.exe –force-wubi

Thats it. You can choose the install size, password & then reboot. Make sure you are connected to Internet to get latest updates. In case if u want to remove Ubuntu in future, you can do so buy uninstalling it from the Windows control panel. This might work on future releases of Ubuntu also.

Offline activate or update Windows 7 Product Key using Command Prompt

  • Goto the path C:\Windows\System32 . Find cmd.exe file & right click to select ‘Run as Administrator’ option.
  • Now type slmgr.vbs /upk . This command uninstalls the current product key. So enter it if necessary, else proceed to next step. You will get a popup message as soon as you enter this command
  • Then type slmgr.vbs -ipk YOUR-PURCHASED-OR-OEM-PRODUCT-KEY . This command install the new product key.
  • Finally type-in slmgr.vbs -ato for activating your product key.

    After entering each command, wait for few seconds till the operation completes. Proceed further  only when you get a pop-up notification for each command.

Rename Windows 7 Administrator Account

Here’s the tool that i used to rename my Administrator account in Windows 7. Of course there are other ways available for this purpose, but this tool accomplishes the task easily. This command-line utility can be used for renaming local accounts also.

How to Use :
  • Extract the file & move the renameuser.exe in a folder
  • Press shift and right click on the folder & select ‘Open Command Window here’ option
  • In the command prompt that comes, type
    ” RenameUser  ”
    Tip: Your ComputerName can be found at the bottom of the System Properties {ControlPanel->System}
    for e.g.   RenameUser  Windows-PC Administrator Superuser
    this renames Adminstrator to Superuser
    Note: type ‘NewUserName’ without spaces
  • After the command completes successfully, logoff & login again